Grant from Nobel International Fraternity

Initial steps for the digitalization of historical Branobel documents in Baku are sponsored by a grant from the Nobel International Fraternity. Read more: Branobel History Newsletter No. 3

About the grant

Initial project activities to prepare for digitalization of the Branobel company archive in Baku have been enabled thanks to a financial donation from the Nobel International Fraternity. The donation was accompanied by a message from Philip Nobel saying that: “History belongs to all of us and shall be available for anyone interested.”

This donation has implied a crucial break-through for the local funding in Azerbaijan of the Branobel History Project aiming to make historical source material available for research on the role of the Nobel brothers in the beginnings of the world oil industry.  The donation makes possible hands-on collaboration between the National Historical Archive of the Azerbaijan Republic and the Azerbaijan Scandinavia Co-operation (NGO), e.g. for:

  1. Determination of guidelines for selection of historical material for the project, with assistance from reference groups of representatives from academia and the research communities in Azerbaijan and Sweden.
  2. Setting parameters for digitalization and naming of documents combining material from different sources and countries into one digital database.
  3. Setting of standards, mechanisms and procedures for safe exchange of files.

About Nobel International Fraternity

The Nobel International Fraternity was founded 2010 by Philip Nobel in an educational, humanistic and historical spirit with the aim to create a brotherhood of scholars, students and educational and academic institutions that stretches beyond geographical borders. Its purpose is to follow the path of Ludvig Nobel and push the spirit of higher education, cultural and diplomatic efforts as well as spreading and rewarding academic feats and achievements.

The Nobel International Fraternity will use the following means, among others, for reaching its objectives:

  • To assign scholarships to students and scholars in developing countries.
  • To pursue and support projects that serve educational, academic and charitable purposes in Azerbaijan, Russia and the countries of the Caspian Sea. This can include translation of textbooks, organisation of lectures, presentations, academic symposia and conferences, political, academic and economical endorsement and support of individuals, organizations and institutions that pursue the same objectives.
  • To support and reinforce the historical and diplomatic ties between these countries and members of the Nobel Family.
  • To promote international goodwill and concordance.
  • To advocate and to contribute to dialogue and cultural exchange between educational institutions.
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