The Nobel Brothers

Nobel’s fortunes and mishaps in Russia

For  two years the Russia expert and author Bengt Jangfeldt has been immersing himself in the life and concerns of the Nobel family in Russia during Tsarist times.  Now the result has been set out in a new book. Here the author gives a taste of the... Read more

 Gösta Nobel’s pass photo made in Baku year 1916. From Branobel collection at National Archives of Azerbaijan.

The Nobel family returns to Baku

During the Russian revolution, the entire Nobel family’s huge company conglomerate was confiscated, and all the Westerners fled the country. But in Baku, history lives long in the memory. Following the fall of communism and Azerbaijan’s independence,... Read more

A watercolour painted by Imanuel Nobel himself in which Imanuel, on the left of the hill in the foreground, demonstrates his underwater mines to Tsar Nicholas I.

The father, Immanuel Nobel – a passionate inventor

The father of the Nobel brothers, Immanuel, was an important inventor whose work interested him more than financial gain. Read more

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