An exhibition that led to a double eagle as reward

At the huge All-Russian Industry and Art Exhibition in Moscow in 1882, Branobel participated with a number of products related to the petrochemical industry Read more

A confidential report by the Vice Consul in Moscow K. Lundberg regarding oljeindusti and oil production in the Baku area.  From the Foreign Ministry's file system 1920 stored at the National Archives of Sweden.

“Nationalisation is a beautiful word for a very ugly thing.”

During the tumultuous years following the Russian Revolution, the power of the communist regime rapidly spread as far as Baku. Read more

Nischi-Novgorod was located along the southern shore of Oka and ended steeply by the River Volga with the old Byzantine-style, imperial fortress.

Tsar Nicholas's II:s coronation party is surrounded by drama

In the summer of 1896, the Russian imperial couple, Nicholas and Alexandra's coronation is celebrated with magnificent festivities, including an exhibition at which Branobel is represented. Read more

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