Ludvig Nobel founded the actual Russian oil industry.

Nobels, Rotschilds and Rockfellers Part 1

Newly discovered rich oil fields around Baku draw Nobels and Rotschilds into the Transcaucasia. The competition between the two families gets ever tougher in particular because of Batumi port. Read more

Some of the oil tanks created by the Nobels in Batumi are still visible today, after nearly 120 years.

Nobels, Rotschilds and Rockfellers Part 2

The development of the Caucasus Oil industry directly affects Rockefellers’ “Standard Oil”’s European monopoly. In order to better compete with the latter Ludwig reinforces “Branobel”’s positions in the Black Sea and initiates the building of the longest Read more

A tunnel had to be built through the Suram Pass to make it easier for the heavy tank wagons to go through the Caucasus Mountains. It is unclear exactly how the tunnel was built, but Alfred Nobel’s dynamite, for which Carl Nobel was an agent, may have been

The oil requires tunnels to be built through the Caucasus Mountains

In 1883, an old wish is granted – the railway line connecting Baku to the Caspian Sea at the port of Batum on the Black Sea is complete. This makes it easier to transport Branobel's products to Europe. At the same time, the rich French banking family,... Read more

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