The  ship Zoroaster's 1,600 shaft horsepower two-cycle diesel engine, with a speed of 105 r.p.m. and a mechanical effiency of 81%.

Developing the Diesel engine

Visiting German engineering exhibitions, a Swedish employee of the Nobel Company in Russia, Anton Carlsund, saw an early version of the engine that Rudolf Diesel had invented. Via Carlsund, Nobel owned companies in Russia and Sweden took an active part in Read more

The river barge Vandal was together with its sister ship Sarmat the first diesel powered ships in 1903. They were strong enough to withstand harsh weather, as well as light enought to be able to pass through the sluices between Rybinsk and St Petersburg.

M/s Vandal - a historical ship

The running of ships by steam engines was expensive. If it were possible to use diesel engines, a shipping company could save about 60, possibly 80 per cent. However, a diesel engine was heavy and a ship must be able to manoeuver: to stop, reverse and im Read more

The inventor of the diesel engine, the German engineer Rudolf Diesel.

The diesel engine – a leap forward in fuel economy

The methods to produce mechanical power were rapidly developed in the late 19th century. The steam engine had dominated the market, but different types of combustion engines were now made available as stationary or mobile power sources. One of the develop Read more

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