Ludvig Nobel lectures on oil extraction in Baku at the Imperial Russian Technical Society.
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This website is dedicated to the history of Ludwig and Robert Nobel and their oil company Branobel, in Russian "Tovarishestvo Brat'ev Nobel". Texts, documents and pictures tell the story of one of the largest companies of its time,  from the founding years through the turmoil of the russian revolution and finally to the formal liquidation in 1969.
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If you are interested in research there is also a database with digitalised documents from Azerbaidzjan and Georgia. They are free of charge to use.
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Ludwig and Robert Nobel, brothers to Alfred Nobel, grew Branobel from one single oil field to a global oil giant. This site tells their story from the founding days in the 1880s until the Russian revolution. It's a story about innovations, entrepreneurs and social compassion - and about the Nobel family.  Read more.

Researchers, don't miss our database of digitalized documents from Azerbaidzjan and Georgia. Free to use.

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